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ADENA Limited in Italy and Belgium

ADENA Limited took part in partners’ event in May. Distributors from Italy and Belgium invited a group of system integrators, dealers and end users from different industries to their event to learn about AREC Media Capture System and the new Collaborative Solution - SpacesGate! In Italy, dealer’s event took place in LG showroom in Milan. The event’s idea was to provide a total solution for a meeting room or a classroom by combining AREC Media Capture System (recording/live streaming), Mersive (presenting) and Atlona (system controlling). AREC new Auto-Tracking Camera (CI-T21) was also demonstrated during this event. It caught people’s attention with its auto-zoom feature. In Belgium, the event took place in Lier. The event lasted for two days, the first day was for system integrators and dealers and the second day was for end users. They were all amazed by the new collaborative solution called SpacesGate, and video from the first-day webinar was recorded here - AREC presentation starts from the 40th minute.

In Belgium, AREC and SpacesGate technology were used together with Vaddio cameras, Vivitek screen, and Panasonic projector. AREC new Auto-Tracking Camera (CI-T21) was also displayed during this event and it was shown how good and price-competitive this compact solution is.

ADENA Limited thanks Prase and Sanel for the organization of these events. For more product information, please contact: Italy: Belgium: Or ADENA Limited directly in other countries. We will be more than happy to support you.



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