Auto-Tracking Camera CI-T25H

Perfect Combination of Auto-Tracking Technology and a Compact PTZ Camera.

Your Most Committed Follower

During an event, presenter, lecturer, or speaker needs to be free to move around in every direction. To ensure professional level of recording, CI-T25H combines Full HD camera with precise auto-tracking, auto-zoom and auto-focus functions, in order to always keep the presenter in close-up.


  • Professional Video Quality for Various Indoor Scenarios
    AREC CI-T25H Auto-Tracking Camera comes with 5x optical zoom, 270° pan and 60° tilt, and Full HD (1920x1080@60fps) video quality, making this camera ideal for huddle rooms, small conference rooms and schoolrooms for use in videoconferencing, presentations, classes, trainings and so on.
  • Auto-Tracking and Auto-Zoom 
    AREC CI-T25H Camera utilizes AREC's motion-sensitive and smooth tracking technology, ensuring that presenter is always in close-up, even if that person turns back to the audience or walks back and forth.
  • Easy Implementation for Any Type of Indoor Scenario 
    Combining RJ-45, HDMI and USB outputs, AREC Auto-Tracking Camera can be used with AREC Media Stations for Lecture Capture, any Video Conference System, either HW or SW-based, and even stream to a Live Streaming Service directly.

Download CI-T25H datasheet HERE.

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