Portable Media Set KL-3 S and T

AREC Portable Media Set S and T are complete Media Capture Solutions that contain everything needed for a recording and streaming task.

SET S* - KL-3 + Auto-Tracking PTZ CI-T21H + AM-600 + PTZ CI-21H + CABLES + CASE
SET T* - KL-3 + Auto-Tracking PTZ CI-T21H x 2 + AM-600 x 2 + CABLES + CASE

*You can swap KL-3 for KL-3W or KL-3WT by paying price difference.


Record stationary and moving targets with Set S, or record and track from two angles with Set T.


Auto-Tracking by CI-T21H does not require configuration. System does not require computers to access videos. There are no driver installations, and all it takes to start your recording and streaming is to push a single button.

Download Portable Media Set T or S datasheet HERE.

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