Media Station LS-2

Ultimate two-channel media station to mix, record and stream your video and audio devices.

LS-2 comes with a convenient graphical user interface that makes using the station a straightforward experience.

Main Features

  • Lightweight and portable
    LS-2 is a standalone device that only needs power to function! You can connect any HDMI or VGA device in your room and work with it instantly.
  • Make a professional video in a matter of seconds
    Creating videos and streams with LS-2 is very simple - accessible interface, different ways of control, presets, and other benefits allow you to be a professional director without any experience.
  • Record, stream and mix, all at the same time
    LS-2 allows you to record and stream your sources in a mixed video format at the same time, as well as record original sources independently.
  • Web and software tools for control
    Download and upload your videos from LS-2 with Video Manager, an in-built webpage on your station. Use free AREC software to direct your recording and streaming session, or change it using the onscreen graphical user interface.
  • Offline and online storage
    LS-2 has a 64GB internal SD card for you to save recordings, expandable via USB HDDs. You can also automatically save videos online on FTP and SFTP servers.
  • Real Time Assistant Video Making
    LS-2 supports AREC Online Director application (available for Windows and Mac) with overlay and background functions. 
  • AREC Video Manager: Videos With Just One Click
    Users can manage videos stored in the local Media Station remotely.
  • Many Convenient Ways to Operate
    Control with your phone without apps, RS-232 control panels, onscreen GUI, buttons or applications.

Download LS-2 datasheet HERE.

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