Media Station KS-700

Featuring a compact and stand-alone design, Media Station consists of diverse features and functionality, including multi-signals capturing, recording synchronously, codec, streaming online, multi-channel split screen, live broadcasting, and web-based video switcher, providing complete lecture capture solution.


  • Multi-Source Synchronized Recording
    Supports synchronized multi-source recording through HDMI / VGA/ RJ45
    Supports DVI and component video cable inputs
  • Easy One Button Recording
    A remote controller is all the instructor or the assistant needs to perform to perform all functions of KS-700
  • Proprietary Signal Separation Technology
    Allows the flexibility of single or dual source display while simultaneously performing multi-source and multi-screen recording
  • Multi-Source Recording and Playback Options
    Supports up to 4-channel synchronized recording
    Users can choose multi-view streaming or multi-overlay streaming recording formats
    The multi-view streaming requires less storage space and network bandwidth
    The multi-overlay streaming, when paired with AREC Media Center, allows the viewer to magnify each of the streaming sources
  • Achieve Multi-Source Live Lecture Broadcast
    Supports multi-source live streaming to broadcast the live image and voice of an on-going lecture or event to any listener, at any location through the Internet
  • Built-in Web-Based Video Switcher
    The Media Station has built-in the web-based video switcher that controls and monitors the cameras’ field of view, camera mount precision movement, image source switch, image layout switch and audio mixer functions etc.
  • Intelligent Video Switcher / Intelligent Presentation Indexing
    Automatically switches to student view when paired with this Student Tracking System and Presentation Index Application
    The intelligent video switcher will automatically switch to the presentation video view when the “next slide” button has been pressed
    Supports auto video index creation and insertion when used with Presentation Index Application
  • Graphical User Interface
    Comes with a fully graphical user interface utilizing information visualization
    The remote control allows for easy operations of the Media Station
    The administrators can access the system settings and management options through web-based backstage

 Download KS-700 datasheet HERE.

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