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First webinar in Russia finished with a thunderous applause!

Tayle – the best on the way, AREC’s official partner in Russia, just finished the first official webinar introducing AREC Media Capture System. AREC Media Capture System is a total solution which helps users to save their time and budget! They no longer have to search for a recorder/switcher/streamer/splitter/scaler and other devices needed for the traditional way of video capturing and streaming. All these functions can be performed by just one AREC Media Station!

It is possible to mount any kind of camera on AREC Real Auto-Tracking System, if the device has a screw thread ¼” 20 UNC. These include but are not limited to camcorders, DSC, CCTV, SD HDI and network cameras. AREC also provides 2 IP camera models for users to choose from, CI-230 has a wide viewing angle (92.9°), CI-200 comes with 18x optical zoom. Both of them have Full HD (1080p) resolution.

There were more than 20 people attending this webinar. They were pro-active and responsive to the topic discussed, so the webinar went on a good wave. We received a very positive feedback from the attendees along with a lot of questions.

Let’s take a look at what questions attendees were interested in (examples below):

  1. Can AREC Media Capture System do live streaming on online platforms? If so, please name them.

  2. Does AREC Media Capture System support control systems of AMX, Extron, Crestron, Kramer or others?

There is a lot more for you to find out! You can watch the current webinar video on the following link (don’t forget to register first on

If you are not yet familiar with AREC Media Capture System, please visit our official YouTube channel. You can find many interesting videos that introduce AREC Media Capture System to you there:

We are always happy and ready to support you, contact us at:

  • Russian Market: Tayle – the best on the way

Mr. Boris Kozyrev –,

  • Other European regions:

ADENA Limited – the official AREC sales partner in Europe

Mr. Yakov Fu –

Next Russian webinar will be held in November 2016, we will keep you updated!



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