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Case Study: Record Your Meetings Just Like the Cordoba Council in Spain!

Dear ADENA Partners, our case study this time covers the usage of AREC Media Stations by the Provincial Council of Cordoba in Spain. Completed with our distributor Avit Vision and system integrator Electroredes, this project demonstrates yet again why AREC Media Stations are a perfect fit for protocoling in governmental institutions.

The Provincial Council serves as the governing body of Cordoba province, responsible for the promotion and administration of its interests within Spain. This includes collaborating with municipalities through financial contributions, providing public services, and offering technical, legal, and other forms of advice. The Council’s operations primarily rely on conducting meetings, which necessitate reliable recording and streaming for transparency purposes. To meet this requirement, our distributor Avit Vision, in collaboration with system integrator Electroredes, implemented a system centred around the AREC LS-200 Media Station, complemented by products from other brands, such as JBL, Acoustic Control, and others.

The LS-200 Media Station offers numerous features that make it an excellent choice for councils. Firstly, it is a two-channel Media Station capable of recording up to 8 hours of video continuously, ensuring that the entire council sessions can be preserved. It supports HDMI, VGA, and network sources, offering seamless connection with various AV and IT equipment commonly used in councils, including computers, network cameras, and other AV devices. Content from connected devices can be instantly displayed through the station’s physical outputs on projectors and displays, while also being simultaneously streamed within the internal network for viewing in other rooms and on external streaming platforms. Once configured, the station can operate in a fully automatic mode through calendar scheduling and manage storage via integrations with platforms like Google Drive, Panopto, Kaltura, Opencast, and support for standard FTP/SFTP servers. Moreover, the station can be configured with control panels supporting RS-232 or TCP commands, enabling users to customise their experience with the device. Its automatic audio and video mixing capabilities eliminate the need for users to spend valuable time on editing tasks. Together, these features create a solution that even inexperienced users without IT or AV backgrounds can use to create videos within seconds, allowing them to focus on their core work.

Representatives of the Provincial Council have found our solution easy to use and expressed their high satisfaction with it. The system is utilised daily to capture every meeting, which are then shared with the public. Is your council currently sharing its meeting recordings? Reach out to us at and we will assist you in formulating a solution that simplifies user experience and media creation.



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