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AREC Product Line Updates

Dear partners, AREC is always striving to provide pleasing, top-grade products. In order to succeed in that regard, we are releasing important updates for LS series Media Stations. With the recent firmware update for LS series of Media Stations, we have added touchscreen interactivity support, speakerphone audio recording, support of popular LMS platforms and more features. To celebrate that, LS-300and LS-400receive a new upgraded design with different dimensions - you can see the images below. And the best part about it all - the price has not changed. The old design will remain available for the next few months for you to finish current projects.

Release of LS-2 Media Station and new CI cameras this summer also completes the renovation of AREC product line. Since LS series now has products for every price and feature category, KS and MS series will remain available until the end of December 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact your local partner, or us directly at



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