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ADENA Hack: How to add a source outside of your network

All AREC Stations allow users to connect external sources via RTMP, RTSP, and RTP protocols. This way it is possible to use cameras located in another network, building, city, and even a country! Furthermore, this is not limited to just cameras - users can connect Media Stations and other network devices the same way. For example, to connect an AREC camera via RTSP, all you need to do is open the System Administrator webpage on your Media Station, and in the "Video Inputs" page of “Media I/O” tab, select “encoder” on the signal type of the video source that you would like to change. Select RTSP protocol and write the public IP address of the device you want to connect. You will need to forward the RTSP port, which is 554, and add it to the IP address after a colon. Lastly, write a “/” sign and “h264” to complete the link. Please note that the exact link structure can be different from one camera to another, but for AREC cameras, your final result should look like “RTSP://public IP:port number/h264”. The ability to connect external sources can be useful in various situations, such as for monitoring or adding feeds from other locations. If you would like to know more about how you can effectively use features of AREC devices, contact us at and we will be happy to advise you.



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