Training Videos

1. How to Use the Graphical User Interface.

2. AREC Web Interface.

3. How to Select Video Inputs.

4. How to Select Audio Sources.

5. Video Output of the Media Stations and Loop-through.

6. How to Configure Recording Settings.

7. How to Configure Streaming.

8. How to Add and Mix Overlays and Backgrounds.

9. How to Create your Own Overlays and Backgrounds.

10. How to Schedule a Video Recording/Streaming.

11. How to Backup your Videos in a Server.

12. How to Configure System and Network Settings.

13. How to Configure Wi-Fi Module on KL-series.

14. How to Upgrade Firmware, Export Logs and Reset AREC Media Stations.

15. How to Export and Import Configs and How to use Layout Editor.

16. What is Online Director and How to Use it?

17. Online Director for Desktop.

18. Video Manager.

19. Auto Tracking Camera Tracking Config Tool.

20. How to Use the RADA HDMI to USB Bridge.

21. PreciseTouch Calibration with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

22. Custom Zoom Setup for Auto-Tracking Cameras.

23. Controlling the Media Station with a Mobile Device.

24. Download videos from the Media Station to your USB flash drive.

25. AREC's own Video on Demand Platform MSR.

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