Stream Through Video Over IP from Taiwan to Italy

June 29th, 2017 ADENA Limited has been invited to Prase Media Technologies’ event – “Stream Through Video Over IP”.

This event has started with the speech of Ennio Prase, CEO of Prase Media Technologies, who welcomed the participants and guests.

Follow up with the presentation, brought by Luca Battistelli, Senior System Engineer, showing to the audience the basis of AV distribution over IP, its characteristics, benefits and also its problems and possible solutions, which could be adopted for the proper and safe signal distribution.

ADENA Limited was the third session of the event. Edgar Morales – Sales manager of ADENA Limited, has shared with audience: 

  1. AV Distribution over IP market analysis;
  2. How AREC Media Capture System works; 
  3. Media Capture System product lines;
  4. Successful cases in Europe.

Media Application Workshop: 


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