Make Your Video more Professional with New Features of KL-3W and LS-300

New firmware versions for KL-3W and LS-300 Media Stations have been released. In order to provide better service to finish video shooting/editing at once and reduce time for post-production, AREC has added several features into the new firmware, which allow user to have more flexible screen design.

The first new feature: “Theme”. You can find it on Administrator page, under “Video” tag. With this feature, users can create their own “Overlay”, “Background”, together with “Layout”, and combine them up to 9 favorite “Theme” to meet video needs.

Via “Online Director” it’s very convenient to change “Overlay”, “Background”, “Layout” and even “Theme” if needed, during video shooting. And now it’s even possible by pushing buttons on Media Stations.

Moreover, let’s recap some other important advantages of KL-3W and LS-300.Both of Media Stations support VISCA, Pelco-P, Pelco-D and ONVIF 2.0 protocols to control PTZ cameras. So in this case, users can easier upgrade their existing system by just adding AREC Media Station, while keeping their original cameras.​

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