Introducing our official website for Nordic countries

This site is mainly to provide Nordic market the newest AREC product and event information. You can also find many useful AREC product related solutions or applications on this site. We will share AREC success stories with our partners/customers/users, which allow all of us to have a brainstorming to work out more AREC Media Capture System applications to make life, study and work much easier and flexible.

Allen Chen, CEO AREC: “We are very excited and appreciate our official partner – Austman Consulting AB. Because of their efforts, now AREC can have an official website to serve Nordic countries. We are looking forward to see how much AREC Media Capture System can change people’s life in the Nordic.”

Anastasia Yakimenko, GM of *ADENA Limited: “AREC Media Capture System is still a new solution for the A/V industry, but booming very fast. Nordic Region is our focus market as people here are eager to accept new stuff to improve their life. We believe who can faster stand firmly in Nordic, who can faster penetrate into whole EU market with the Viking spirit. Thanks to Mats Persson – CEO of Austman Consulting AB, with him, we are even more confident to stand on the Nordic land!”

Please come to visit our site and give your advice to us. The whole AREC team is ready to support you to expand your business and to change your vision of the world.

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