Dual Streaming - Double Your Exposure Opportunity

The more exposure to the market, the more chances for the audience to see you. Are you still struggling on which platform to do your live streaming? ADENA Limitedknows how to help you out.

With AREC LS-300 and KL-3W Media Stations, you can do “DUAL STREAMING” now, which means you can have 2 of your favorite platforms – e.g. Facebook and YouTube at the same time to reach as more people as possible and to maximize your video impression rate.

In the meantime, you can still have recording function on your LS-300 or KL-3W with your own designed “Theme”* to archive your videos for post editing and so on. And don’t forget, that you can record and live stream with the different profiles, so you can archive your videos in Full HD, while live streaming with a smaller resolution for the smoother effect.

 * “Theme” is a combination of “Layout”, “Background” and “Overlay” settings.

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