Demo Events in the Following 2 Weeks

ADENA Limited welcomes everyone back from summer vacation. Together with our partners we have prepared a series of events in Europe and Latin America in following weeks. We are eager to meet you there. Let's have a quick look, where you can find us in September.

1.Belgium - a 4-day dealer event will be held on September 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th. You will be able to enjoy the ease of use AREC Media Capture System and talk with ADENA Limited representative via video conference. It's time to allow yourself to enter a new era of video sharing business. For more information, please contact Patrick Hermans 

2.Finland - September 26th, 27th in Helsinki. Our partner will have a stand in Audio Visual Expo. Come and see our latest solution: 3-ch Media Station with its new "Theme" feature as a combination of"Overlay", "Layout" and “Background”, which help to create the video in a more professional way. For more information, please contact Timo Salminen  

3.Poland - September 27th and 28th  - partner's event from our Polish customer. During the event, you will see the most convenient Media Station - KS-2. KS-2 is the ideal model for blogger/vlogger to work out and share their video live to reach more audience. For more information, please contact Andrzej Wisniewski 

4.Peru – September 28th ~ 30th in Lima Convention Center, AREC will have its official debut in Peru. You will be able to find AREC KL-3W there, which is designed to make your video more professional with only a few clicks. KL-3W can do more than you imagine, and not only for business or education use as well. For more information, please contact Lizardo Tello

Let's recap a little bit, what is a AREC Media Capture System:

  • AREC Media Capture System is a standalone solution to edit, record and broadcast videos.  You will no longer need to search for splitters, streamer, scaler, recorder and a switcher.
  • AREC Media Capture System is the most user friendly solution. No IT knowledge required after the first setup. Remote controller can ease user's pressure while using a new device; GUI design provides an intuitive using experience, and more are awaiting for you to find out.
  • With the industry only - Real Auto-Tracking System (TP-100), lecturer, presenter, event host or  important person of the event will always be in a close-up. 

You are always more than welcome to ask any questions. For more information, please contact us. Or you can visit our YouTube channel to check our interesting and useful videos about Media Capture System.

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