AREC Portable Media Set KL-3W makes any place your live stage

When the world becomes smaller, when the rhythm of life becomes faster, when people become closer to each other by sharing videos of their life using social media sites… Don’t be the one who stays behind the world trend, we would say: its time to make acquaintance with AREC Portable Media Set KL-3W.
The Portable Media Set KL-3W comes with the following items:

1.-AREC Media Station KL-3W
2.-AREC Wi-Fi cameras CW-210 * 2
3.-Mini tripods * 2
4.-Wireless microphone AM-601
5.-System required cables (HDMI/VGA/RJ45)
6.-Hand-carry case
7.-Factory's system preset


a). You  will no longer only sit in front of your cameras. With AREC Wi-Fi camera, you will be as free as you wish to shuttle anywhere during event you are participating

b). KL-3W provides video editing functions (Layout/Overlay/Background) during shooting. This significantly reduces your time wasted before for video post editing

c). With KL-3W, you can shoot and record your video at the same time. After shooting, video file can be automatically uploaded to FTP site for archiving

d). Live streaming to 2 different platforms at the same time to reach as many as possible customers or friends

e). With AREC Auto-Tracking System TP-100 (optional), you will always be in the close-up, and you no longer need anyone’s help to hold a camera


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