AREC makes Pro-AV closer to your daily life

“Live Streaming” is becoming the most popular and the fastest method to build-up connection between your event and your target audience. People also use this new technology to share their personal life with their family and friends, who are away from them. Before, it requires a big professional team including camera men, director and other staff to create a live show. Now, AREC with their new technology provides us a chance to share your professional videos, which you can work out by yourself.
This time AREC is launching 2 new 3-ch Media Stations: KL-3W and LS-300. Both of them come with a brand new user interface design.
 There are some new features, that AREC has added to KL-3W and LS-300:

1. KL-3W comes with an embedded 7-inch monitor, which provides possibility making video without a monitor
2. User can record directly to USB, attached to the front USB slot
3. New PTZ camera control protocols added: VISCA/PELCO-D/PELCO-P

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