AREC is presented at JTSE 2016, Paris, France

November 29th and 30th of 2016. It will be the first time for AREC Media Capture System at JTSE 2016 ( in Paris, France. LBM Distribution – AREC partner in France, will demo AREC “TP-100” – the real Auto-Tracking System and “KS-2” – the most user-friendly ever standalone Media Capture Station at the show.

TP-100, the real Auto-Tracking System, is the most easy-to-use tracking device in the industry. With AREC advanced technology, all you need to do is to wear AM-500 positioner, which can also be used as a wireless microphone, and TP-100 will start to track you with 100% accuracy. For more information click here.

KS-2, the most cost-effective device, can simply replace your recorder/switcher/streamer/splitter/scaler and any other device needed for the traditional way of media capturing and streaming. The AREC KS-2 comes with an elegant and compact design, it weighs only 1.33kg, so users can bring their AREC KS-2 to the location where the video is planned to be recorded and broadcasted. Together with AREC TP-100, everyone can become a super star sharing their videos on the internet. For more information click here.

Visit our official YouTube channel, where you can find more videos about AREC products:

Looking forward to seeing you at JTSE at Booth 45, Pullman Hall.

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